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Jade Crystallized sinks

1.Crystallized Glass Stone basin/sink/lavabo

2.Formed by one piece marmoglass panel,seamless and no glue

3.ISO9001&Experience QC team 4.Buy Crystallized Glass Stone basin/sink/lavabo FROM THE FACTORY DIRECTLY, SUPER QUALITY WITH CHEAP PRICE 5.Crystallized Glass stone sink also called : Nanoglass sink,Nano Crystallized sink,white marble glass sink/basin

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Jade Crystallized sinks-Jade Crystallized sinks,hole free crystallized sinks,holr free crystallized basin

Crystallized sinks

Crystal Glass Bathroom Sink
1.Color:pure white
3.Material:Crystallized Glass ,Crystallized Glass stone,Nanoglass stone
4.Modern design

Crystal Glass stone Bathroom Sink : Size: 420*420*18mm


Crystal White Bathroom Sink also named Non-porous Crystallized Glass (Microcrystal Stone) sink belong to the A-grade building materials.It's excellent functioned with better advantages of physics and chemistry than nataural stone slab.


Jade Crystallized sinks Feature of product:



2.Excellent for acid and soda-resistance and heat-resistance,pollution-resistance,which makes maintenance convience.

3.It can be bent if heated so as to make stones slab of verious forms.

4.Soft and glittering luster,faultlessly elegant and classic,non color difference and fading.

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