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  • Artificial Stone Tile Inside and Out

    Artificial Stone Veneer Inside and Out Inside & Out, Stone Veneer Creates Stunning Scenes While quality manufactured stone veneer is able to evoke a vivid sense of place with detailed authenticity, you often see just one or two stone profiles or colors used in a home. ...

    2011/05/20  Read:[347]    [News]

  • Difference Between Artificial Stones and Natural Stones

    Stones are important for home constructing. Stones plays important role for both exterior and interior designing of the home. Stones are used for various purposes at home construction. From building beautiful walls of the house to decoration pieces, stones are used. The only t ...

    2011/05/20  Read:[749]    [News]

  • Artificial marble blocks in the production process and technology

    Artificial marble (granite) After 20 years, the development is not smooth, gradual process of this vacuum vibration compression molding Mohs hardness of 3.5 degrees in the decorative products are recognized and its multiple renovation and skid resistance better advantage, as i ...

    2011/04/28  Read:[2431]    [News]

  • How do you differentiate real marble from man made marble and fake marble?

    I've been trying to get ideas in the net on learning if your marble furniture is pure or fake. they say that real marble is really cold even when the temperature is hot. Does that also apply to furniture i.e. marble top dining table? How do I know if I have a fake one or a ...

    2011/04/28  Read:[13675]    [News]

  • artificial marble steps and advantages

    The light artificial marble has the following advantages: 1, simple equipment, materials, easy to get, you can use existing equipment. Use of transparent resin and transparent nano-materials to solve the traditional problem of artificial marble can not be light, color p ...

    2011/04/28  Read:[440]    [News]

  • A column of artificial marble – a nice addition to the interior

    Nowadays, the column serves mainly the role of interior decoration, but also helps to hide gaps premises. Besides correctly installed column visually alter the amount of space, creates a spatial area. The most common pair of columns, with room for large scale steam can be ...

    2011/04/28  Read:[470]    [News]

  • Face it with Artificial Stone

    Face it with Artificial Stone Stonework on the exterior of a building adds a timeless architectural element to any home or building and makes a beautiful natural statement.  However, if you’re not fortunate enough to have the rocks originate right there at the sit ...

    2011/04/28  Read:[173]    [News]

  • Five Reasons to Choose Concrete Over Granite for Countertops

    Designers have been incorporating concrete in high end homes, retail and restaurant spaces for years – ever wonder why?  These are the five top reasons you should consider concrete for your next project, be it your dream kitchen or the bath vanities in a high volume ...

    2011/04/28  Read:[362]    [News]

  • Artificial countertop's FAQ

    Can high temperature objects be directly or long put on artificial countertop? Answer: it can't! The hot pans, hot pots or other high temperature appliances may give damages to the surface of artificial countertop. Please use insulated mats. Can artificial countertop ...

    2011/04/26  Read:[1192]    [News]

  • What is River Stone

    Is It Real Pebble Stone Inside? Yes, the pebbles inside are real and natural. What The Max. Size, Can We Custom It? Max. size is 1220m * 2440mm but thickness 18mm required, and custom size is also available.   It Is Scratched Resistant? Yes, this produc ...

    2011/04/26  Read:[1193]    [What's artificial Stone]

  • Artificial Stone

    Artificial Stone (artificial marble,man-made stone,artificial resin stone,Engineered stone) : This series of artificial marble is a high polymer solid material mixed by propyl methacrylate (PMMA), natural mineral hydrated aluminum oxide powder Al(OH)3, and pigment. Artificia ...

    2011/04/26  Read:[1837]    [News]

  • Why You Should Be Using Artificial Stone In Your Home

    Artificial stone is made by crushing and grinding natural stone and then re-constituting it, in a mould, with cement mortar. It can also be re-constituted with a resin binder, which is more expensive. Sandstones, marbles and limestone are well suited to the re-constitution pro ...

    2011/04/12  Read:[1874]    [News]

  • How to Lay Man Made Stone

    man-made stone countertop Man made stone is a very nice decorative touch to any home. This stone has the look of real stone for much less. It is very easy to lay this stone you only need a little patience and a love for puzzles! 1 First you will need to make your mas ...

    2011/04/10  Read:[531]    [News]

  • Man Made Stone - artificial stone products

    Pansheng's artificial stone products have an outstanding variety of colors and textures that provide you with countless ways to create awe-inspiring custom looks. Check out our rock veneer products, they are easy to install, durable and will increase the interior or exteri ...

    2011/04/10  Read:[907]    [News]

  • China Artificial Stone Industry

    PanSheng Artificial stone products: Artificial Marble Artificial Onyx Micro-Crystallized stone Artificial gem variety, style, beautiful, with the huge price advantage, well received by the consumers. Starting in 2008 an outbreak of the global financial crisi ...

    2010/11/11  Read:[314]    [News]

  • Analysis of Artificial Stone Products Market Type of Pansheng Stone Product

    Pansheng artificial stone is a highly specialization exporting company with a global presence. We have been in business since 2001. Here you can find a wide range of artificial stone products like Micro-Crystallized stone , artificial marble, quartz and onyx in different color ...

    2010/11/11  Read:[141]    [News]

  • Buildings of Artificial Stone

    Buildings of Artificial Stone Pansheng Stone supplier of artificial stone and Marble, engineered stone and marble, solid surface, countertops, and artificial quartz, with big slabs. Concrete was used in the construction of the Arch of Septimiu ...

    2010/09/09  Read:[123]    [Industry News]

  • Vinyl Composite Tile Versus Other Types of Flooring Material

    Vinyl Composite Tile Versus Other Types of Flooring Material Vinyl, vinyl flooring, vinyl tile, vinyl floor, vinyl floors, vinyl composition tile, VCT, tile, tile floor, tile floors, tiles, Armstrong vinyl flooring, install vinyl flooring, Armstrong flooring, luxury vinyl fl ...

    2010/08/19  Read:[1691]    [News]

  • China artificial stone is light, cheap and popular

    China artificial stone is light, cheap and popular The Plumbs began by exploring the cost of custom stonework, but soon stumbled upon an intriguing alternative. Artifical stone is manufactured in a factory by mixing together pumice, paint pigments and crushed rock, then m ...

    2010/08/19  Read:[708]    [News]

  • Some main features of artificial stone

    Some main features of artificial stone Artificial stone is more affordable alternative to natural stone that's capturing the attention of the architectural design and renovating world. Artificial stone products are environment-friendly engineered products that provide yo ...

    2010/08/19  Read:[473]    [What's artificial Stone]

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