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  • Marmo glass white manufacturer and suplier

    Marmo glass white manufacturer and suplier   Item Material Marmoglass, Crystallized Glass Stone, Nano Glass, Crystal White Glass Floor Tiles, Nano Crystallized Glass Panel Color ...

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  • Marmoglass

    Marmoglass Marmoglass é um exemplo de que a tecnologia pode aperfeiçoar aquilo que já é perfeito. Este material único oferece brilho intenso, resistência, durabilidade e pode ser aplicado em pisos e bancadas. Exclusividade e requinte para ambientes inesquecíveis.

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  • China Marmoglass Company

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  • Engineered stone ,Artificial marbles

    Made from stone, Better than stone" , artificial marble is mainly comprised of natural marble, stone meal, shell, glass, and etc. Produced from advanced manufacturing systems, radiation elements are almost completely removed from raw stone materials during the production ...

    2012/11/14  Read:[108]    [What's artificial Stone]

  • marmoglass crystallized glass panel

    marmoglass crystallized glass panel marmoglass NEOPARIES glass glass marble crystal stone crystallized stone minicrystal stone pure white marmoglass marmoglass countertop marmoglass tile marmoglass slab Marmoglass Glass Marble Marmo Glass china marmoglass column Marmoglass whi ...

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  • Quartz vs Granite -Quartz or Granite

    Quartz vs Granite -Quartz or Granite Are quartz countertops like Silestone really a better countertop material than granite or is granite still the reigning king of the countertops? I have collected a few unbiased studies that get to the heart of the quartz vs granite co ...

    2012/11/14  Read:[43]    [Industry News]

  • Quartz Backsplash Benefits

    Quartz Backsplash Benefits , A professional manufacturer of Red Quartz Vanity Top,Red Quartz Vanity Top detail and price Quartz backsplashes are a no brainer, especially if you are putting in a new quartz countertop. If you're installing a new countertop you can proba ...

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  • Quartz Countertops

    There's a new player in the countertop market! When an outstanding option like quartz countertops comes along it's hard not to stand up and pay close attention. Granite was great but it has it's flaws. Corian counters were terrible when it came to performan ...

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  • super white crystallized glass panel with hole

    Microcrystal stone decorative board is a new type of high-tech environment-friendly high-grade decoration material. It has both special microcrystal structure and special glass matrix structure. The board has fine and smooth texture and bright crystal effect, and the effect of ...

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  • Crystal Marble Stone(Marmoglass)

    Xiamen Pansheng stone are the Manufacturer and specialized in Crystal glass panel. We can made rich colour and different size panel more than 1000 square meter per day. Factory direct sale, we could get a better guarantee for both quality and price. Marmoglass SLAB Dimenti ...

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    Marmoglass Marmo glass glass marble white marble crystal white marble white stone white marble tile   MARMOGLASS Features: 1. zero water absorption with pure white color; 2. high brightness >95 and double polished 3. high density: 2 ...

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  • What is the HTS,NCM number?

    Natural Stone is 6802 and Artificial Stone is 6810.We now list two webs for reference: For USA, please refer to For EU, For BRAZIL, http://www.braziltraden ...

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  • Does marmoglass ship worldwide

    At present, we ship container orders to worldwide from China. The options for shipping pallet quantities vary from product to product. Xiamen Pansheng stone are familiar with policy of port in many country. Consult the FAQs by category for more details, or contact us by email in ...

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  • About Stone City Shuitou

    About Stone City Shuitou Shuitou is a small town inside of Nanan City, located 40 minutes North of Xiamen, in the Fujian Province of China.  It has a population of 103,000 people, and strectches 117km2 in land space. It is known as the "Stone Central" of C ...

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  • Shuitou stone town of china

    Shuitou, Nan'an, Fujian, in Nan'an City Shuitou is definitely a point that is impossible to be effaced and ignored on the stone map of the world. It has gained rapid development in as short as 20 years and became the No.1 stone production and trading base of China ...

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  • Nano-crystallized Glass Panel

    Nano-crystallized Glass Panel, which enter into market in the middle of March in 2009 year. it is the improved generation of Crystallized Glass Panel with new nano-technology, So the color is more pure white and the quality is better and harder. And the strength is more higher. I ...

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  • the trend of artificial quartz stone

    Now the trend of artificial quartz stone industry is the species diversity of arts and crafts, change form traditional home furnishings and Christmas gifts category to the bonsai garden, sculpture, crystal, imitation jade, sandstone and other products; from the simple export to t ...

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  • Pansheng Quartz Stone

    Pansheng,after the company nearly 10 years experience in quartz stone production and accumulation of research and development,investing heavily into china's leading quartz stone manufacturing base,give 10 years of experience in power and the development of quartz rock,led ...

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  • China Quartz Stone Manufacturer

    Xiamen Pansheng Stone Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer in China, specializing in research and manufacture of quartz stone slabs, quartz tiles, quartz countertops. Xiamen Pansheng Stone has world's most advanced professional production equipment and technology, ...

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  • Artificial Marble Colored Scar Elimination Method

    Marble is the porous material.Therefore,it is easy to be polluted.When cleaning Artificial Marble Colored Scar,water is less to be used.Temperate detergent cloth cleaning wet regularly, then wipes with the clean soft cloth does and polishes.Wears the serious marble furniture t ...

    2011/07/11  Read:[210]    [News]