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  • Micro Crystal Composite Glass & Porcelain

     Micro Crystal Composite Glass & Porcelain COMPOSITE TILE  Crystalized glass bonded to porcelain- total 14.5 mm thickness  Crystalized glass surface is 3 mm thick  Unglazed porcelain base is 11.5 mm thick  Mini-Crystal Vetro Bianco is g ...

    2014/02/20  Read:[1]    [Industry News]

  • Crystallized composite with ceramic black

     Micro Crystal glass Composite , also known as Composite ceramic stone ,Crystallized composite,Crystallized compound,composite crystal glass, microcrystalline glass ceramic composite panels , composite ceramic stone is a glass-ceramic composite ceramic tiles in the surface lay ...

    2014/02/20  Read:[0]    [Industry News]

  • Quartz vs Granite -Quartz or Granite

    Quartz vs Granite -Quartz or Granite Are quartz countertops like Silestone really a better countertop material than granite or is granite still the reigning king of the countertops? I have collected a few unbiased studies that get to the heart of the quartz vs granite co ...

    2012/11/14  Read:[22]    [Industry News]

  • What Are The Differences Among Brand Choices?

    Similar to solid surface countertops there are sufficient manufacturers of engineered stone countertops from which to choose. The benefit here is that competition among them spurs new styles, colors and other innovations that ultimately make for better choices and cost control ...

    2011/05/20  Read:[130]    [Industry News]

  • Buildings of Artificial Stone

    Buildings of Artificial Stone Pansheng Stone supplier of artificial stone and Marble, engineered stone and marble, solid surface, countertops, and artificial quartz, with big slabs. Concrete was used in the construction of the Arch of Septimiu ...

    2010/09/09  Read:[98]    [Industry News]

  • Artificial Stone in the Interior of a Modern House

    Under the artificial stone refers finishing materials that mimic the texture of rocks. These materials are deprived of the shortcomings of natural stone and so easy to install, that work with them may even people with no qualifications. interior design stone and fireplace T ...

    2010/08/04  Read:[771]    [Industry News]

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