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Nanoglass / Nano Crystallized / Nano Glass Stone

1) The most white and highest glossiness product in all construction materials.
2) Dense structure without any holes, zero water absorption, ink, tea, cosmetics can not be immerge, best antifouling performance, easy care, cleaning by damp duster cloth daily can make it looks as new;
3) Green environmental protection, no noxious, can be touched directly with food
4) High hardness, Nanoglass slabs is produced by choice quarry material without heavy metal under 1600℃ high temperature. The hardness is second only to diamond, corundum and topaz. It is not easy broken by knife or other edge tools.
5) Cautery resistance
6) No color difference
The special technology can ensure to produce 100000m2 or more durative in same color
7) Good thermal shock resistance,
The structure is not change even in1000 ℃
8) High flexural strength, high compressive strength, good impact resistance and good resistance to abrasion, low coefficient of linear thermal expansion, very suitable for kitchen countertop, chaffy dish counter, tabletop; also very suitable for guard in steel, electricity and coal industries.
9) Machinable High performance
Automatic bridge cutting machine, manual cutting machine cutting and hand cutting machine are is available for cutting into round, square, skirtings and other in-regular shape.

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