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Crystallized composite with ceramic black

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 Micro Crystal glass Composite , also known as Composite ceramic stone ,Crystallized composite,Crystallized compound,composite crystal glass, microcrystalline glass ceramic composite panels , composite ceramic stone is a glass-ceramic composite ceramic tiles in the surface layer of the new composite sheet 3-5mm , and by the second sintering high-tech new products . Microcrystalline glass ceramic composite plate thickness 13-18mm, gloss> 95.
A composite product combines the advantages of ceramic stone tiles and glass-ceramic plate , do not smoke pollution , easy to clean and maintain .
2 , composite ceramic stone while avoiding the radiological hazards of natural stone , is a non-radioactive products, is an ideal decorative green building materials .
3 , composite ceramic stone is completely unique glass-ceramics have high sense of gorgeous soft decorative effect . Its hard wear resistance, surface hardness, flexural strength were better than granite and marble.
4 , the composite ceramic stone as chemical stability of inorganic crystal materials, but also contains a glass matrix structure, the degree of acid corrosion resistance are better than natural stone, especially the more prominent weather resistance , withstand long-term wind and sun it will not fade and weathering .
5 , glass-ceramic composite tiles above the new sheet metal - composite ceramic stone paving with ceramic tiles easily , paving firm, etc. , while the construction and transportation easier than large-sized panels.
6 , the use of high-tech composite ceramic stone perfect combination of both , to overcome the shortage of tiles and glass-ceramic plate of their respective existence , greatly improving the application of occasions and scope of the product.
7 , the composite ceramic stone natural color, Bach , never fade.
8 , the composite ceramic stone structure is dense , uniform crystals , texture clear , with a jade -like feel.
9 , the late development of imitation marble ceramic stone texture using high quality raw materials, stone- new digital technology , using traditional underglaze color process , simulated natural stone forming environment , combined with high-precision roller printing technology to create a new style of stone texture , imitation jade ceramic stone . The product is highly original simulate a variety of precious stones , stacked stone reproduction of natural beauty , texture and delicate jade, rich layers of solid, glistening sheen softer than ordinary ceramic stone, bright colors more brilliant .
   pansheng ceramic the birth of modern buildings provide an ideal decoration, decoration timber. Product available will be quickly swept China , Southeast Asia and Western Europe and other places, it is widely used in foreign-related hotels, halls , office buildings , representing local image and style architectural features , public places , elegant decorative effect , luxurious style , style elegant welcomed by consumers.

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