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Shuitou stone town of china

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Shuitou, Nan'an, Fujian, in Nan'an City

Shuitou is definitely a point that is impossible to be effaced and ignored on the stone map of the world. It has gained rapid development in as short as 20 years and became the No.1 stone production and trading base of China with stone production accounting for 40% of the nationwide production and exports taking up 45% of the nationwide exports. 40% of national stones are manufactured and processed in Shuitou and more than 70% of the sales are dominated by Shuitou people. Its stone industry cluster ranks first among the top ten industry clusters of Fujian Province. Minnan First Building Material Market has grown into the largest “Stone City” in China; all varieties of stones from all over the world can be found in Shuitou. Shuitou has become an important distributing center for stone businessmen, finance and information flow in terms of international building materials, radiating its influence across the country and affecting Asia-Pacific area. There is no doubt that the stone industry of Shuitou which always keeps pace with times is embracing globalization.

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