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How to distinguish between natural and artificial stones?

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How to distinguish between natural and artificial stones?

As the worldwide customer demand for diamonds increases, the diamond market is facing a new threat, arriving from the industry of artificial diamonds. More and more enterprises manufacture fake diamonds, which look like the real version, though cost significantly less. Diamond consumers prefer real diamonds, leaving most synthetic ones for industry usage. However, some fake diamond dealers try to deceive innocent consumers or unknowledgeable retail dealers. The manufacturing techniques develop, so that factory diamonds seem more and more like natural stones and diamond imitations are becoming more difficult to identify.

It is estimated that the value of a real diamond is 90-100 times higher than the price of an artificial diamond that possesses identical size, shape and color features. As for the scale of the fake diamond phenomenon, some jewelers estimate that fake diamonds occupy 2.5% of the diamond market, while others assume that the ratio is much higher. Naturally, jewelers are eagerly willing to pay for any documentation, proving that their diamonds are real.
The China pansheng stone institute has developed a machine, laid out by gemologists and physicians, which can distinguish scientifically between synthetic and natural diamonds, as well as between naturally colored and artificially colored stones. By using Ultra Violet and Ultra Red lighting such an operation can be successfully performed, thus the pansheng stone has the capability to examine any diamond.
Generation of artificial diamond began several decades ago, as labs created extreme pressure and temperature conditions, resembling the natural condition by which diamonds are formed. Only in recent year the manufacturing has expanded significantly. The synthetic diamonds are produced in a piston press, in which graphite powder, coal powder and diminutive synthetic and natural diamonds are inserted. Pressure is put on the powders, which are heated to a temperature of 1300-1400 degrees Celsius. These conditions cause the tiny diamonds tp annex the surrounding atoms, which together undergo crystallization and become a new diamond, which grows to the size of a real diamond. In less than a week a 1 carat diamond can be generated in such a method.
Synthetic and real diamonds do in fact posses some subtle chemical differences. The manner in which nitrogen atoms are assembled into the diamond which is being formed is not identical between both diamond types, and as mentioned earlier, UV and UR projection can enable distinguishing between the two.
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