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Artificial marble blocks in the production process and technology

2011/4/28 星期四 上午 7:00:00 hits:

Artificial marble (granite) After 20 years, the development is not smooth, gradual process of this vacuum vibration compression molding Mohs hardness of 3.5 degrees in the decorative products are recognized and its multiple renovation and skid resistance better advantage, as in high-grade construction decoration material. The formation of stone tablets in its transparent color, and pore formation of soft pleasant features, and especially in recent years in its texture of microcrystalline and process improvements, the rapid expansion into the annual output of 30 million m2 of production scale. This use of marble and calcite as the main raw material, unsaturated polyester resin with extruded products for the binder, there is wear their lower manufacturing costs and higher issues. Artificial quartz stone rapid warming in the market, its characteristics, but its higher wear resistance and acid resistance, has been used for decorative solid surface material countertops artificial stone and granite formation of ~ given impact. The current crisis of the question is: With dozens of counterfeit Italian MC 300 vacuum machine into a run, artificial marble, the market price of 200 yuan from two years ago, gradually fell to 95 yuan / m2. For example, once when the Magic Double Loading beige ~ hot plate, as the title of it is the pattern of various effects of the various products vary greatly in appearance, its price has dropped to 100 yuan. The face of vicious market price fluctuations and market competition issues, the industry has generated widespread concern and safety. Granite products present problems, but the problem is not the wear resistance, be attributed to quality should also be a way to resolve. If some of the new factor of production and the mix of production conditions and the introduction of its wide variety of engineering technology and fine arts and health science portfolio to production, will be at a higher level of innovation in making fine and improve its market value.
  An analysis of the existing molding and Improvement
      Unsaturated polyester artificial marble with the problem of distribution, regardless of the trial in six years ago, stirring a large machine ceramic materials, or 3 years ago, the two R & D fantasy Magic Double Loading Technology changes, they did not amount to deliberate on their specific research. The current product standard requirements of its flexural strength of 16MPa, the indicators of the actual product is much greater than the specified value.
      Reviewing the Old. In the first use of 80 mesh fineness stone formula, based on help preparing the watermark pattern and to avoid the phenomenon of the considerations will increase the amount of their calcium powder. Mixing is not very simple processing procedure, the common quality problems similar to a watermark, fracture uneven mixing are connected with a direct relationship. This reverse two horizontal axis mixer body not only in their viscous material mixing with the roll-type force, also its speed from the initial set of 8r/min change 15r/min the increase in the maximum turn, inevitably In this quick stir in the heat of friction phenomena. In its continuous 12 ~ 18min of full-speed mixing in general can produce about l5 ℃ temperature rise, it is also heating up in the material conditions of the formation of fine particles and the preparation of uniform body of easy-to-effect pattern. Early on imported equipment does have speed to gradually increase the program, Dan the yes right Dake Li stone's Jiaobaneryan's, Yin Wei Xiao pellet Tiguidingyong pair of planetary mixer for mixing the color Peizhi Bretonstone and Fenbie stirring. Resin with a lower volume of distribution can be used when the hot factor.
      Fineness and the amount of calcium powder issue, most manufacturers now use UF315 or MSl80 grades, the amount of l5% ~ 30%. Theoretically, the filling is complemented by one level up from big to small dense effect, the present use of ultra-fine calcium powder filling all, although the pressure out of the material body in the mold box has a clear liquid, but with the use of less small amount of resin is not necessarily appropriate when the. Coarse, fine calcium powder with the use, and reduce the total time, would not be significantly affected due to over-filling and its bond strength. Stirring force and compression force caused by thermal effects and the overall body heat molding material and the outer surface of the heat level factors also need to pay attention, because they fail to definitely do not form a complete solidification temperature effect. Process and efforts to suppress not only the density of their products, but also affect its curing effect. Liu is not obvious that the expected liquidity to carry out its action to suppress body, should make use of corrugated vibration force on the lower part and corner blocks to fully exert the exciting force, and use 10 ~ 12rain close to the vibration process 4200r/rnin compact to some extent and heating effects. Domestic oil pressure to the hydraulic motor to 24MPa, and pay attention to the purity of hydraulic oil and the eccentric direction of consistency.
      Reduce the cost of man-made stone  Another idea is to use inorganic binder, such as special cement, water glass and other materials. There is no high-grade domestic white cement products, although tests with addition of additives, but also reach for the industrial production level. With inorganic materials and synthetic materials granite is very promising research and development, not only can greatly reduce production costs, but also has good fire resistance and environmental protection.
      Granite production facilities not only configure the motor power, and plentiful, such as presses and ancillary equipment, Total motor power more than 400kW, and the suppression of mixing where the two aspects of working time and parameters must ensure that other equipment operating time reasonable improvement in the process can be shortened in most. For example, the vacuum pumping system means you do not have in the whole process, as long as late in the mixing and pressure into the mold box and reached a near-0.1MPa vacuum on it. Again, aggregate process of weighing car successive weighing on the stone and the powder can be arranged in advance and then click on standby on the main belt, in the mixer's door open just 2-3min into the mixer can be shortened by forming all time, and the main belt and the dust removal system to avoid long-term operation and save energy. In particular, saw the framework of long-term operation of the main motor, it is appropriate compensation for two-winding capacitor energy-saving technology, with its 8% Active Energy conservation and saving electricity 90% of reactive power of the level of savings will be low cost.
   2 Gang Shi Jing and the prospect of the possible hardening
      Granite is CaC03 or MgC03 as the main component polymer products, their "soft" is not easy in the market to maintain its high price of the main reasons, more difficult to compete with quartz granite. Problems for its low wear resistance, and some manufacturers have been hard on its growth has taken remedial measures. In 28% of its ingredients using crushed glass, and saw with a framework for sub-parallel machining is a typical example. The recent adoption of l00% quartz grains and powder molding machine with molding blocks, then used a circular saw to cut production methods of quartz stone, Quartz stone is in the current market situation of high prices, is also an early in a quartz stone market wise approach. This quartz with a large machine production process, vertical mixers should be configured for different color groups with granular material mixing body to produce two-color or tri-color of the aggregate effect of blending the colors. The production process should be noted that the rigid quartz friction generated color black problem, a simple way to paste in the mixer durable non-metallic materials.
      Whether the body posts with stone plus 1 / 4 to 1 / 2 the amount of quartz products made of mixed problem is worth studying, after its accession to the quartz grains from the wear of the technical point of view, is entirely up to their performance 2 times more, but from the perspective of market-proven, high-end suit with no tie may take longer to transition. Including the use of granite, obsidian, and jade stone, slag and other hard rock.
 3 blocks to improve the artistic effect of molding products
      Surface into the line and the cone into a ring is the preparation of the basic concepts of linear texture, dynamically fog and point of liquid paint coating is its high-level approach. Popular granite color is still "paste stirring spray point" of the early practices, should pay attention to full speed before mixing with the thick mist spray adhesive increased the points to produce good results. Turn fabric to change the material in the body of the flow process, using pre-roll or extrusion molding apparatus, magnetic devices and 1 to 6 colors of spray equipment, with fog, point-like injection method can be adjusted on the orientation Material for the late delivery of staining for the patented technology. Simulation of artificial stone natural stone texture is both artistic value of the market value of the research and development there, which fine-grained and smooth, granular infiltration and colorful, and continue to use the picture of modern printing technology, simulation, required to carry out the research with great concentration and depth experiment.
      Different colors of rock and rock powder is prepared for multi-color products fully reflect the development of its natural issue, the current body of rigid material on the white paint used for dyeing system with human nature inevitably results. The color of natural stone can be said of wonders, some of the crystal, line, texture of color can be said with some kind of rhythm or moral, to retain a certain shape and aggregate into products that complement each other well.
     Tiles of 80 × 80cm size similar to natural stone with its color, can be said that granite is another serious challenge. R & D capabilities with the preparation of a variety of colors and print specifications for the new machine 245X165em really need. Turn fabric configuration in which the apparatus and control system and method for its preparation of 2 +2 with the four corners of the oscillator and the voltage regulation and balancing a high level of design, there is a future work. Set in the lower part of steering axis mixer feeding device, and using blender displacement and repression apparatus close to the single-room double door structure, the function will be a preparation and a whole pattern length of low-cost and increase 9m China granite molding machine manufacturing level.
 4 Conclusion
      Man-made marble market issues facing the problem of its lower prices, but also their own quality but high cost of hardware and production problems. To reduce production costs, improve the wear resistance, improved color effects, the significance of its bottom out. Reduce the amount of unsaturated resin is to reduce the cost of producing an approach, subject to increase the force of their physical and consolidated its various elements to ensure the quality of their products. Turn fabric is a natural stone blocks forming simulation pattern with change of new technology, a combination of its three-dimensional nature of the process can produce a more significant artistic value. Use of the existing molding equipment to suppress hybrid or pure quartz blocks body, although a certain degree of technical difficulty, but its cost is considerable. Artificial quartz stone artificial marble and stone aggregate are products that may arise between the two a mixed product should be thinking of a move granite. With people living environment and health of the pursuit of higher end market demand for artificial marble products will be more and more.

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