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artificial marble steps and advantages

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The light artificial marble has the following advantages:

1, simple equipment, materials, easy to get, you can use existing equipment. Use of transparent resin and transparent nano-materials to solve the traditional problem of artificial marble can not be light, color pigments are freely adjustable, easy to set up. Count the different textures, different colors of light artificial marble, especially for small and medium sized stone factory, can use waste rock, but also light quality and cheap to produce artificial marble.
2, marble obtained simulation and high toughness, with granular structure, the resin content is low, can be processed into a 0.8mm thin plate. The production of a series of measures will help improve the quality of finished products; for example, stone mixing ingredients with dry ingredients, and to limit their water content, mixing under vacuum, fabrics, oscillating pressure to remove water and low molecular weight compounds; the use of part of the soft resin, either as a liquid filler, reducing the amount of unsaturated resin; can reduce the intensity of the polymerization of polymers, appropriate to reduce the rigidity of the slab, increasing the toughness to prevent cracking.
3, cost reduction and efficiency significantly.
4, with light, heat, aging, etc. easily deformed, heat-resistant up to 70 degrees.

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