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A column of artificial marble – a nice addition to the interior

2011/4/28 星期四 上午 6:35:04 hits:

phoenix-glass-slabsNowadays, the column serves mainly the role of interior decoration, but also helps to hide gaps premises. Besides correctly installed column visually alter the amount of space, creates a spatial area.

The most common pair of columns, with room for large scale steam can be both two and three and four, as in the interiors of the palace style. Particular attention is paid to the texture and color of the columns. They are made of synthetic and natural materials. Natural – a marble, wood, granite, limestone, travertine, malachite, but the most frequently used marble and granite, thanks to their qualities as a low permeability, durability.
To the artificial are artificial or cast marble or onyx, extruded or cast concrete, composite materials, artificial stone, polyester, polyurethane, Plaster, fiberglass. For example, artificial or otherwise, molding, marble – a modern material is completely replicate the marble, but without its drawbacks. And the disadvantages of natural there: this is the high fragility, the instability to mechanical and chemical influences, the high price. In addition, the artificial marble is pleasant to the touch. And very interesting Artificial Onyx– material copies of this quaint patterns of onyx. And another important point: due to the fact that the material has a sufficiently small thickness, its products are easy and they can illuminate the inside!
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