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Face it with Artificial Stone

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Face it with Artificial Stone
Stonework on the exterior of a building adds a timeless architectural element to any home or building and makes a beautiful natural statement.  However, if you’re not fortunate enough to have the rocks originate right there at the site, then it can be quite expensive and labor intensive.  There are some innovative companies that manufacture artificial stone and do so with recycled or reclaimed materials.  These products can contribute to LEED points as well.

LodeStone (pictured above) uses fly ash, a coal combustion waste by-product, as the principle binder in its “stone” veneer blocks instead of portland cement.  The production of Portland cement accounts for a large amount of carbon emissions in the atmosphere.  LodeStone veneers come in either a smooth face or chiseled face in several sizes.   They offer ease in on-site cutting and tooling and are resistant to severe weather and freeze-thaw conditions.
Boston Valley Terra Cotta uses high-effiency kilns to make its hollow, terra cotta exterior rainscreen panels for commercial buildings.  This TerraClad product is made from abudantly-available natural materials, primarily clay, and contains recycled materials.  It is available in multiple sizes.  Terra cotta is durable and can be recycled back into new terra cotta products.
China utilizes a sustainable manufacturing process to make its wide variety of fiber cement exterior cladding products.  Its brick, stone and block products, intended for both the residential and commercial markets, are made with recycled post-consumer and post-industrial waste, namely fly ash.  They are durable, as well as termite and insect resistant.

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