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Five Reasons to Choose Concrete Over Granite for Countertops

2011/4/28 星期四 上午 6:20:24 hits:

Designers have been incorporating concrete in high end homes, retail and restaurant spaces for years – ever wonder why?  These are the five top reasons you should consider concrete for your next project, be it your dream kitchen or the bath vanities in a high volume concert venue!


artificial stone countertopConcrete is fashionable and helps to sell homes


  1. Concrete is fashionable. Over the past 20 years, concrete countertops have been steadily adopted by the design community. What used to seem raw and ultra-modern now graces the covers of issue after issue of the top mainstream design and trade magazines.  With that new popularity have come innovations in concrete chemistry and craftsmanship yielding more beautiful and resilient concrete countertops.
  2. Concrete is a chameleon.  Color and finish are very important when personalizing your space. Natural or mass produced artificial stone provide a fixed set of options when it comes to color and finish.  Concrete, when pigmented by a professional, can be cast in literally millions of colors and shades. It’s not uncommon for designers and clients to request color matching of a paint chip, tile or fabric swatch.  Because concrete can include any variety of types and colors of sand, stones, glass and shell aggregates, the texture and finish can be tailored to meet your exact wishes.  A good concrete professional can also use different pouring and polishing techniques to produce a honed finish, terrazzo finish, high polish or veined look.


    Concrete is flexible, in shape, in color and in finish

  3. Concrete is flexible.  Unlike mass produced countertop materials that come in sheets cut to size, concrete, can be designed and cast in 3-D.  Precast features such as integrated sinks, drying racks, cutting boards, bowls, or even fountains enhance a design’s utility and beauty. These complex shapes are cast from liquid concrete and take full advantage of its flexibility of shape.  Replicating these features from sheet materials is at best clunky and if attempted usually results in visible seams and a less than polished look.
  4. Concrete is a sales tool.  In the past, granite countertops were a noted feature on most home listings. However, as granite has been commoditized, its value has dropped and it can now be found in many lower-end homes and even apartments. Home buyers that used to be attracted to granite are becoming bored with it, seeking more unique finish options. Concrete provides a draw to buyers’ in today’s modern, competitive market.


    Concrete is Green. This installation is over 80% recycled content.

  5. Concrete is green. Although Portland Cement requires energy to produce, the rest of concrete is composed of commonly found local components.  Ingredients including clay, sand, rocks and water can be sourced here instead of strip mining a limited resource of specialty rock, slicing it up, then crating and shipping it halfway around the world.  An environmentally conscious concrete contractor can incorporate recycled components in the product, reducing energy demand and keeping material out of landfills. Concrete can even be recycled to create more concrete, the ultimate in eco-friendly recycling.

These are some of the top reasons to select concrete – though more abound and we’ll be sure to share them on the blog in the future.  In the meantime, tell us about your projects and dream homes.

If you’ve put concrete in a design lately – what were your reasons?  If you didn’t, why did you choose granite or another material instead?  What is stopping you from trying concrete?

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