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What is River Stone

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Is It Real Pebble Stone Inside?What The Max. Size, Can We Custom It?What Temperature Can It Stand?How to Use It?.....

Is It Real Pebble Stone Inside?

Yes, the pebbles inside are real and natural.

What The Max. Size, Can We Custom It?
Max. size is 1220m * 2440mm but thickness 18mm required, and custom size is also available.
It Is Scratched Resistant?
Yes, this product is processed with scratch-resistant coating of the surface. It is not easy to get scratched.
What Temperature Can It Stand?
Under 80 degree.
How to Use It?
The products can be used in counter top, table top, solid surface, wall partition, etc.
Is It Heavy?
Yes, 18mm thick panel weights 50kg per SQM.
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How to Cut It?
Stone-cutting machine can make the cutting and hand drill machine for hole-drilling.

River Stone

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