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Natural stone and artificial stone

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Two major types of natural stone: marble, and granite. In general, where there are texture, known as the “marble”; to Point Ban-based, called “Granite.”This is a broad sense.In a narrow sense, the marble that is produced in Dali stone. In fact, not many around the country out of stone is marble. Both can be distinguished from the geological concept. Granite is igneous rock, also known as acid crystals Plutonic is the most widely distributed in igneous rocks of a rock, the feldspar, quartz and mica composition rock hard dense. The silica-based components, accounting for 65% -75%. The so-called underground magma igneous rock is volcanic eruption or lava rock cooling crystals formed.Igneous rocks in silica content, the nature and content of feldspar determine the nature of stone. When the silica content of greater than 65% belong to acid rock, this rock CKS feldspar, plagioclase, quartz crystals and other basic mineral formation, were expected to like structure, known as granite. Marble is the crustal rocks through the crust in the Central Plains and some high temperature and pressure of metamorphic rock formed.Internal forces to promote the role of crustal rock types of the original qualitative change, that the original rock structure, structure and mineral composition change. After the formation of a new qualitative change is called metamorphic rock. Marble is composed of calcite, limestone, serpentine and dolomite composition. The main ingredient in calcium carbonate and account for about 50%. Because marble is generally contain impurities, and calcium carbonate by carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, carbon, the role of water vapor, but also easy to weathering and erosion, Er Shi surface quickly lose their luster. Relatively soft marble of a general nature, which is relative to the purposes of granite. Because of natural stone are porous, so the relative difference in the stain resistance of some areas, usually in the processing plant will be on the surface for processing. In interior decoration, the TV table, windowsill, indoor surface such as marble for use. The threshold, the cabinet table, suitable for use outdoor ground granite. Taiwan cabinet which is a good concept is the use of dark granite. Now on the market of natural stone, part of the color is through manual processing, these stones will generally use the six months to a year, revealing its true face. Is clear that the market is now big flower green, many of which are made of stain, not the real colors. Also note that the back of the grid, this happens in two ways: ① stone itself is brittle, must add grid, such as Spain beige. ② jerry, the thickness of these stones is thinning, and strength enough, so I added a network. Generally darker style of stone if the majority is for this reason. Artificial stone Artificial stone is unsaturated polyester resin as the binder, together with the natural marble or calcite, dolomite, silica sand, glass powder and other inorganic powder and appropriate amount of flame retardants, color, etc., by mixing ingredients, porcelain casting, vibration compression, extrusion and other methods of forming curing made. Artificial stone is based on actual use of natural stone to finding out the problem, and it is moisture-proof, anti-acid, high temperature, put together have made great progress in terms of. Of course, man-made things are man-made natural disadvantages, the general nature of man-made stone is obviously inadequate, the texture is relatively higher than leave, so be used for cabinets and other high places for the practical requirements, and some harsh environments, such as kitchens, toilets, etc. ; bay windows, decorative floor and so stressed areas, are used less. Another factor impeding the use of artificial stone is the human factor.As the man-made stone very different production process, performance, features do not correspond exactly to the advantages mentioned above does not set that you purchased the performance of artificial stone. Imports of man-made stone currently on the market is better in performance. Such as imported marble allows sanding scratches the surface, the user does not reassert itself to handle it met, and many made of artificial stone obviously can not support this flow of talent, the more polished the more rotten. Buy artificial stone, it is best to acquire a piece of bad test sample, such as soy sauce or oil down as well as extravagant loss test. To sum up, what what kind of stone purchase, according to places, use different and personal financial capability.

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