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Artificial Marble

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Made from stone, Better than stone” Pansheng Stone artificial marble(engineered Stone) is mainly comprised of natural marble, stone meal, shell, glass, and etc. Produced from advanced manufacturing systems, radiation elements are almost completely removed from raw stone materials during the production process. Marbles made with such process are safer and healthier, giving user a peace of mind, a truly green and environmently friendly construction material.
Pansheng Stone quartz stone consists mainly of quartz crystals (93%), processed through high temperature, high pressure and other procedures with fine craftsmanship. The resulting product is strong, durable, heat and corrosion resistant, and leak proof. It is widely used for flooring, walls, counter tops, sink tops, and etc. Quartz stone producing process The largest slab sizes for quartz stone:3050MM x 1500MM ,2440MMx1500MM
As Pansheng Stone artificial marbles(engineered Stone) are vaccum pressed with high pressure from natural raw materials, it increases the product's strength dramatically, so that some products are even stronger than natural stones. Because special ingredient mixing technique is used in the synthesizing process, Pansheng Stone artificial marbles are free of uneven coloration problems in renovating with natural stone, it is especially suited for large area layering projects. Pansheng Stone produce large and thin artificial marble stone plates up to 3050 × 1250 × 12mm in size, a competitive edge unmatched by natural stones. artificial stone

Artificial marbles produced from our company have overcomed many weaknesses in natural stones, so that our products are more stable and better in physical properties. Our stone's anti-aging and anti-yellowing properties are difficult to be imitated by other artificial stones. artificial marbles produced by our company are one of the best nationally and worldwide.

 Artificial stone

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