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Artificial Quartz Stone

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Introduction of Jixiang Artificial Quartz Stone Our artificial quartz stone is comprised of 94% quartz, and 6% resin and little pigment. It is polymerized from the aforementioned materials by a vacuum process, and then formed through the high temperature, high pressure, grinding, polishing, and other processes. 94% quartz makes our quartz stone have unparalleled harness, wear resistance, pressure resistance, anti-abrasion, high temperature resistance, anti-corrosion and anti-infiltration, with a bright and smooth surface. The performance characteristics of our artificial quartz stone are as follows: 1. Scratch Resistance Quartz stone is one of the hardest materials and is calculated at a hardness level of 7-8 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. Scraper knives, wallpaper knives, and other hard tools can not make it scratched, wore and tore. 2. Heat Resistance This artificial stone is calcined in a high-temperature furnace(> 1300 degrees), and then compacted by a special vacuum and vibration process. So it resists to high temperature, distortion, and crack. 3. Color Consistency By using fully automated production line, uniform color is achieved. For our quartz stone, color fading caused by oxidation, aging, or corruption will never occur. 4. No Deformation Our artificial quartz stone will not be deformed when contacting with high temperature objects such as hot water, hot oil and hot utensils. 5. High Cost Performance Due to its excellent physical and chemical properties, our artificial quartz stone has a prolonged lifespan. The users have no need to worry about inconvenience caused by replacement of quartz stone. 6. Easy Clean It can be cleaned with common detergent and water. Its luster and brightness will not be affected by the using time. 7. Natural Beauty Our artificial quartz stone has the texture of natural stone while maintaining the characteristics of solid surface. 8. Stain Resistance Oil, soy sauce, vinegar, red wine, tea, juice, coffee, acid and alkali, and other materials can not penetrate in the quartz surface. 9. Antibacterial The quartz’s surface layer and the internal structure is in uniform density, with no cracks and pores. Built with antimicrobial protection, it is effective against most common bacteria, yeasts, molds and good for human health. 10. Non-radioactive Our artificial quartz stone has no negative effect to food and human body, environment-friendly. 11. Corruption Resistance Our quartz stone has better acid and alkali resistance than the marble and man-made stone. 12. Anti Aging Built with anti-aging agent, the quartz surface has strong anti aging ability. So it can last many generations. Specifications Standard Panel: 2400*760*15(mm) Non-standard Panel: 2400*760*10/12/15/18/20/25/30(mm)

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