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Artificial Stone in the Interior of a Modern House

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Under the artificial stone refers finishing materials that mimic the texture of rocks. These materials are deprived of the shortcomings of natural stone and so easy to install, that work with them may even people with no qualifications. interior design stone and fireplace Traditionally, artificial stone finishes that replicate the texture of thin-walled and brick, rocks, mainly used for decoration of architectural elements – windows, plinths, columns, and for exterior decoration of buildings, fences, arbors. However, the scope of artificial stone is not confined to the outer surface. Artificial stone gives a unique and original form, not only the exterior, but interior of the restaurant, hotel, shopping center, bar, billiard room, as well as the interior of a country house and an apartment. living room wall stone Modern artificial stone has a high strength, durability and heat resistance, which makes it ideal to use in the design space, completely different from its functional purpose. modern stone fireplace In general, the use of artificial stone in the interior of a modern house is actually in the kitchen. Artificial stone countertops cut different shapes Stones panel cabinets and walls, including the window sill in the overall design of the kitchen facilities, make interesting variations cover bar. Finishing artificial stone does not restrict your imagination to create an exclusive design kitchen. Cast a kitchen in one color, in particular – countertops, sinks and wall panels will give the kitchen a room attractive appearance. This design will allow for cleaning the working surface quickly and comfortably.
rustic kitchen wall stone But the main quality for which value the artificial stone in the interior design is a huge choice of materials, colors, sizes, prices and forms, so most consumers prefer to use this material. If your apartment needs to finish, we hope that all of the above will help you decide on the choice of materials. interior stone You may also want to say a few words about such a popular decoration materials, like ceramic tile facade. It is natural, strong enough not to care for and serve a long time. Until recently, facade tiles because of high cost and narrow range did not cause the desire among customers to actively acquire it. But today there is a trend of sustained growth in demand for tiles, as well as on the artificial stone, due to high competition between suppliers and manufacturers contributing to a proposal more favorable to buyers.

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