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artificial stone (Engineered stone)
is made more uniform and affordable than natural stone. It can be used for walls, floors, architecture, buildings, and around the house. Cast stone is a type of artificial stone that is commonly used in architectural concrete buildings, statues, and monuments. It is created from white and grey cement, natural sands, crushed up stone, nicely graded gravel, and minerals with certain color pigments to achieve the ideal coloring. This process also creates a high quality and durable psychical property which is stronger than most natural cut stones used in buildings and more resistant against acid and alkali attacks. Cast stones are excellent to use in replace of travertine, brownstone, coral rock, bluestone, granite, limestone, slate, coral rock and other natural stone building blocks.

Other uses include countertops and vanity tops in bathrooms or kitchens. They provide a solid non-porous surface and are made in compound marble, marble tiles and slabs, and quartz & marble slabs. Pansheng Arfiticial stone is a popular manufacturer of these types of tiles and offers a wide variety.  

  • Micro-Crystallized stone

    Micro-Crystallized stone

    Pansheng Micro-Crystallized stone including marmoglass, nanoglass,Crystallized Ceramic Composite Tile, nano crystallized glass panel,crystallized glass panel,crystallized white stone,glass marble,white marble,Thassos white,Ariston White,white carrara,crystallized stone,glass panel,minicrystal stone,Hole-free Micro Crystal.

    Micro-Crystallized stone  is recommended for all surfaces, residential and commercial. It can be widely used in Interior & external wall cladding, counter tops, stairs, columns, floors, indoor/outdoor, tabletops, board rooms, bars, clubs, restaurants, and cafes, sidewalks, building facades, moldings, inlays etc.

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    Marmoglass    Nanoglass    Crystallized Ceramic Composite Tile 

    Micro-Crystallized stone Main Features:

    ·Unique in superior whiteness,brilliant luster
    ·Densely structured with no porous ,zero water absorption, no ink, tea, cosmetics can penetrate, easy to clean by using water to keep it clean as new.
    ·Superior surface hardness with scratch resistance, Microcrystal stone is produced under 1600°C with strictly selected non-metallic minerals.It’s the hardest construction material next only to diamond, corundum and topaz. No kitchen knives can damage Microcrystal stone countertops. Building sand cannot scratch Microcrystal stone floors.
    ·Everlasting brilliance with superior erosion resistance and weather resistance.
    ·Jade-like beauty with no chromatism, the peculiar production techniques guarantee a consistent over 10000 square meters production with no chromatism.
     ·High temperature resistant,heat shock resistant, inner structure will not be affected,shape and color keeping same,with over 1000°C temperature.
    ·Anti-bending, anti-pressure, anti-shocking, wear resistant, low coefficient at linear heat expansion, perfect for kitchen counter tops, chafing dish table tops, dinner table tops and for protection material in iron and steel, power plant, coal mining industries.
    ·Well processible, be able to cut with automatic cutter, portable cutter, either at factory or on site, be able to make various edges, carving like natural stone, be able to make arcs and curves and basins when heated.

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  • Artificial Marble

    Artificial Marble

    Artificial Marble Combining the functionality and durability of solid stone and the flexibility and practicality of manmade materials, engineered stone and artificial Marble might be a good solution for your needs. Made from stone, Better than stone, Artificial marble is mainly comprised of natural marble,Granite,Quartzite, stone meal, shell, glass, and so on. Produced from advanced manufacturing systems, radiation elements are almost completely removed from raw stone materials into artificial marble and Quartz during the production process. The result is a class of truly avant-garde and environmentally friendly stones.

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  • Artificial Onyx

    Artificial Onyx

    China PanSheng Artificial Onyx

    Good quality competitive price
    Artificial Onyx Slabs: 2450*1250mm, thickness:6mm,8mm,15mm
    Artificial onyx manufacturer
    We have done many projects in inland and abroad, for example: supermarket, public place of entertainment, department,airport and so on. Using artificiail onyx as flooring and wall.

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  • Quartz


    Our artificial quartz stone is comprised of 94% quartz, and 6% resin and little pigment. It is polymerized from the aforementioned materials by a vacuum process, and then formed through the high temperature, high pressure, grinding, polishing, and other processes. 94% quartz makes our quartz stone have unparalleled harness, wear resistance, pressure resistance, anti-abrasion, high temperature resistance, anti-corrosion and anti-infiltration, with a bright and smooth surface.
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  • Artificial Stone Products

    Artificial Stone Products

    Artificial stone is more affordable alternative to natural stone that's capturing the attention of the architectural design and renovating world. Artificial stone products are environment-friendly engineered products that provide you all the advantages of natural stone, designed stones with none of the drawbacks. The legant beauty of artificial stone and practical efficiency affords many exciting design options for both interior and exterior wall facings and treatments, creating a harmony between your outdoor and indoor living spaces.
    Artificial stone are widely used for flooring, wall cladding, bathroom countertops, kitchen countertops, table tops, bar tops, floor medallion, and so on.

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  • Articicial Stone Tile & Slab

    Articicial Stone Tile & Slab

    Artificial stone is made by crushing and grinding natural stone and then re-constituting it, in a mould, with cement mortar.
    Artficial Stone Tile,Artficial Stone Slab,Artficial Marble Tile,artificial marble Slab,Artificial granite tile,artificial granite slab,quartz stone tile,quartz stone slab
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